C++, C and Rust [10/03/2021]:

C++ is a strange language. It came around when OOP was something to be discovered. C, however, is very mature, and has a place in the vast domain that computers evolve in. C++, however, has it's niche, and pretty much nothing else. It's faster than java, more complex than C, and adds layers upon layers of complexity. Here's where rust comes into place. There has been a plentitude of languages that came and went over the years, attempting to be "the next C++"

I am now pretty comfortable with writing c++, but I'm only getting started. So far, I'm liking it. I still have trouble with writing c++, and not sticking with my C writing days habits.

C++ is very fun to write. However, the little experience I have with it, coming from C, allowed me to realize how much of a pain it is to do things that are not present in the STL, without writing atrocious code.

Nootropics [14/02/2021]:

My favorite 'natural' nootropic : Tea. blasting tea all day is amazing, especially for mouth-fixated people like me, whom need oral stimulation often. Regarding nootropics, my journey has just begun, but I plan on writing detailed accounts of my experiences.

Why nootropics ?

The rona lifestyle has left me with a concentration capacity of a goldfish, and coffee just makes me twitchy now. Sucks to be me. I started taking the lames of all nootropics : omega 3, because theanine was fucking expensive.

Literature [Updated often]:

I haven't read a book in a month. Fuck. The last book i read was one called November Gooseberries, an amazing novel about estonian folklore. I find various substacks very interesting though. Here's a list :

Here's a list

- graymirror.substack.com : Mencius Moldbug's Mirror for princes
- paulskallas.substack.com : The lindy newsletter

Did you know ? You can get any substack's rss feed by just adding [substack's url]/feed to your client ? Now you do, that's a free tech tip.

Opinions [Updated often]:

Perl is amazing

I find lisp to be a massive pain to write, read, etc... However, if you read the information on this website carefully, you might have noticed that I really like using Emacs... Strange isn't it ?

The only good highly mainstream music movement is europop.

Coronavirus : the accellerationist's wet dream [20/01/2021] :

Who would have guessed that the presumed apocalypse would be this boring ? Not me, that's for sure. In early january, I thought that the event would be a massive, population-killing, apocalypse. Obviously, now, it looks like the virus wasn't that dangerous, and we're just gonna have to pretend it is to stay sane, while the world keeps getting shittier. So much has happenned in 2020 that you'd be called names for bringing up something that happenned five months ago. The world before january had the perfect recipe for this type of thing happenning. Some of my friends think that we witnessed a tremendous change in the way we live, and that It's irreversible. I agree on the irreversible part. However, I think that instead of bringing new things, the powers that be just took the opportunity to accellerate the deployment of things already in motion. Freedom basically doesn't exist anymore. And I almost was okay with it. Not that I would have made any difference if I were't. It just happenned.